Based in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu,  Dawa Norbu Tours and Treks is a tour and trekking company established to provide an unprecedented glimpse of Bhutan to visitors, far and near, who are increasingly curious about Bhutan’s immaculate culture and traditions, breathtaking environment and a way of life that strikes a chord between spirituality and material progress.

Apart from Bhutan’s inherent attractions, Norbu Dawa Tours and Treks believes that travellers to Bhutan must receive what they seek: a memorable trip handled with professionalism and experience garnered over many years.

From the numerous travel companies in Bhutan, Dawa Norbu Tours and Treks stands out because of its unique and special services, some of which are:

  1. The trips conducted are culturally and ecologically sensitive and pervades the superficial, crossing the pedestal of tangibility and visibility by providing visitors a complete portrait of Bhutan’s essence and the elements that make the Kingdom unique. In this pursuit, we ensure that its cultural identity is not compromised and Bhutan’s status as an environment “hotspot” stays unshaken.
  2. A human touch going beyond the mechanical and the mundane is a core aspect of our services. Cultivating and creating a special bond with guests is at the helm of our guides’ priorities, which helps nurture a wonderful and memorable experience, not just during the tour period but beyond.
  3. We believe in excellence through innovation. Thus, feedbacks before and after tours are at the core of our policy. These serve as the building blocks for improvement and client satisfaction. Consultations with guests before the tour enable us to deliver what is required, by incorporating the desires and expectations of our guests.
  4. Dynamism and innovation are central to our policy. Whenever a new product arises, we draw an itinerary and pass the information to our agents worldwide.