Looking from a natural side, Bhutan is a gem in the Himalayas, where fauna and flora flourishes in great varieties as the terrain rises from the southern foothills (150m above sea level) to unclimbed peaks over 7,000m. An isolated country, which opened its doors to tourism only in 1974, the Himalayan Kingdom, is perhaps the world’s most exclusive tourist destination.

Despite development, the country has retained all the charisma of the old world; priceless treasures, embodied in the monastic fortresses, ancient temples, monasteries and chortens (stupas), which dot the countryside, prayer flags fluttering above farmhouses and on the hillsides, lush forests and rushing glacial rivers. Travellers experience the full glory of this magical Kingdom, including something exclusively Bhutanese and perhaps most important of all – the warm smiles and genuine friendliness of the people.  Every moment in Bhutan is special. It is more than a journey. It is an expedition, where one discovers a country that has been preserved in the most sublime form, with in all its magical purity.