Transcend the ordinary and make a journey you will treasure; a sojourn of the Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan, which is a showcase of the beauty and wealth that the world once basked in and a grim reminder of what the world has lost in our pursuit of development. A perfect blend of the medieval and modern, Bhutan is a destination you should not miss. Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom.

Based in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, Dawa Norbu Tours and Treks is a tour and trekking company established to provide an unprecedented glimpse of Bhutan to visitors, far and near, who are increasingly curious about Bhutan’s immaculate culture and traditions, breathtaking environment and a way of life that strikes a chord between spirituality and material progress.

Apart from Bhutan’s inherent attractions, Dawa Norbu Tours and Treks believes that travellers to Bhutan must receive what they seek: a memorable trip handled with professionalism and experience garnered over many years.

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